About Us

Kinauta Studios, it is here where we imagine concepts, create and animate endless stories.
Where we develop projects for advertising, cinema and TV. As Einstein said: Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

Our Skill

In Kinauta, we are passionate about animation and have become our way of life
We believe that animation is a medium that allows us to tell stories that reach all audiences, and that is not an exclusive genre for the little ones.
We are happy that every year we continue to make incredible productions, short films,
feature films and advertisements that demonstrate the best way to capture a client is a professional project.

Each project is for us a challenge in which we work hand in hand with the client to give an accurate form to their ideas. As a team, we collaborate together on creative solutions to materialize these ideas, combining classic and digital techniques and influences that allow us to adapt to the specific needs of the client
If you want to count on us to give shape to your projects do not hesitate to write us, we promise to be in contact with you as soon as possible.


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Osman Hernandez Vides

Creative Director & illustrator



Product Manager

Nellys Guevara

Graphic Designer

Raul Rivas Reyes

Head Of Content Manager


Marketing Estrategic

Fernando Bonilla

Diseñador & animator


Web Designer