Holcim gave us the opportunity to make an animation for his campaign of the Lafarge Holcim Awards, with a prize of $ 2,000,000.00 dollars.

The contest that rewards projects or ideas that contribute to the construction of a more sustainable environment, it was a pleasure to give life to this campaign.

    Client: HOLCIM
    Directed by Kinauta Studio

    Creative Direction: Osman Hernández
    Art Direction: Osman Hernández
    2D Animation & Compositing: Osman Hernández
    Music & SFX: imagen film


Digicel, opens the doors to us with the powerful triple project, we had the opportunity to enjoy and have fun with this incredible version of pixar.

    Client: DIGICEL
    Directed by Kinauta Studio


We had fun creating a village where friendship is strengthened by sharing, adventures and experiences, a town called "Amigotepque",

the pilsener campaign of 2015, was to create the route of friends, in it was a map which led us to the Town of "Amigotepeque",

we had the pleasure of creating this town, for this campaign


A brand that conscious your pet, with the best food, we made a super entertaining animation with technological dyes, to exemplify

the level of competence and quality of the product of our client, we enjoy with this project.