Character Design


Created for the purpose of inducing dreams and nightmares to their victims, children, their goal is to approach them and under the effect of nightmares take them before their creator, who feeds them fearful. Estambrilo is a character between the line of good and lomalo, and in history we will see how he has to decide that "Being", made of rustic and basic materials, thread and pattern, becomes the perfect emissary to fulfill the dark purpose of the Villain of process, The Coco.


A 10-year-old girl, overcoming the recent loss of her Mom, made the decision she and her Dad, to go live the old Grandmother's Grandmother, located on the outskirts of a marsh. Celeste represents the adventurous spirit and sure, she next to stamberg, both will help to stop and overcome their fears during the course of this story.


Known as the worst nightmare, its origins are almost ancestral in mythological category, the coconut is the villain of history and the creator of stamberg, its goal is to feed on the fear of children, with it their strength and power can reach unsuspected levels, And can cause an imbalance in the world of dreams and nightmares. Its origin is uncertain, some say it was human, but his childhood was truncated with loneliness and rejection, hate completely filled his being, turning it into nightmare Personified.


The protector and affectionate father, who tried to get a moment of peace and tranquility next to his daughter, after the loss of his wife and mother of celeste. The adventure awaits him in the old house of his family, which he donated in his testament as his property.


The backgrounds contain a wealth of visual information hidden from history, each background has symbols, objects and design thought to show everything you need to transport the viewer into the world of "Stamberg." It was divided into two great scenarios, La Casa and El Pantano, these in turn contain different places within them, for example, in the swamp we tell the route of this, we show that it is an ancestral place.